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Zorg the Alien Glass Christmas Tree Bauble Novelty Decoration – Choose Quantity


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Zorg the Alien is a hero of his own unusual kind. An emergency broadcast was sent across a thousand galaxies as Earth was doomed and was due to explode on Christmas Day. An extraterrestrial species picked up the signal and had superior technology that would save the planet so they sped through space in their UFOs to stop the life-threatening disaster from happening! Of course, this was covered up by governments and security agencies and the only way that it can possibly be commemorated is by proudly displaying the saviour of our planet on your Christmas tree, (Zorg was a celebrity back where he was from so always carried merchandise figurines of himself to give as gifts. He left these behind and they were fashioned into baubles).

  • Zorg the Alien Christmas tree bauble ornament – choose quantity
  • Made from hand-detailed glass in silver and black with glitter details
  • H12 x W8 x D6cm in size
  • A fun gift for sci-fi or alien lovers, young kids too!
  • For novelty and contemporary themed rooms


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